Atlanta Advisory Board

Michael Hart, MD (Chair), ACOS Research - Atlanta VA Medical Center

William Tyor, MD, Neuroscience Academic Coordinator - Atlanta VA Medical Center

David Bower, MD, Chief of Staff - Atlanta VA Medical Center

Steve Urken, MD, Chief of Ophthalmology - Atlanta VA Medical Center

Allan Levey, MD, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Neurology - Emory University

Theodore Johnson, MD, Professor & Chair, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine - Emory University

Jon Sanford, MArch, Director, Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA) - Georgia Tech

Stephen Cross, PhD, Executive Vice President for Research - Georgia Tech

Richard Nichols, PhD,  Professor & Chair, Applied Physiology - Georgia Tech

James Weyhenmeyer, PhD, VP for Research & Economic Development - Georgia State

National Advisory Board

Neal Peachey, PhD (Chair), ACOS of Research, Cleveland VA

Cynthia Owsley, PhD, Vice Chair of Research Administration, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Leonardo Cohen, MD, Chief, Human Cortical Physiology & Stroke Neurorehabilitation Section, NINDS, NIH

Jeff Kleim, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Biological & Health Systems Engineering, Arizona State University

Arthur Kramer, PhD, Director, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science & Technology, University of Illinois, Urbana

Malcolm McNeil, PhD, Chair, Department of Communication Science & Disorders, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh VA

Reisa Sperling, MD, Director, Center for Alzheimer's Research & Treatment, Harvard Medical School