Keith McGregor is an Assistant Professor at Emory University in the Department of Neurology and a VA Merit Scientist. Dr. McGregor is the Director of the Transcranial Stimulation Lab at the CVNR and Director of Telerehabilitation. His work currently investigates aging-related declines in motor control and its implications to stroke rehabilitation. His current projects employ multimodal imaging and neurophysiological techniques (TMS, tDCS, fMRI and DTI) to investigate brain function. Dr. McGregor's work has shown that aging is associated with decreased levels of cortical inhibition, which affects motor control including motor learning. A major facet of this aging related phenomenon, however, is that individual differences in physical activity level appear to mitigate changes in cortical communication. Dr. McGregor's research has shown that lifestyle interventions can lessen or even reverse aging-related declines in behavioral performance in motor and cognitive domains. These findings have great relevance to rehabilitation programs which may be augmented by the incorporation of increased levels of physical activity. 

Keith graduated from the University of Florida with a PhD in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience in 2010. He is interested in motor control, cognition, stroke rehabilitation, and aging.

Research Interests:

Aging; TMS; fMRI; Interhemispheric Communication


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Keith McGregor

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  • CVNR Investigator
  • Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Neurology, Emory School of Medicine