Georgia Radio Reading Service (GaRRS)

The Georgia Radio Reading Service (GaRRS) and the Atlanta VA Rehabilitation Research & Development Center of Excellence partner to provide a half-hour recurring radio show titled VI@GARRS- Veterans Information at the Georgia Radio Reading Service. Via this partnership we proudly provide outreach and education to more than 16,000 subscribed Georgia Veterans, their families and Georgians generally, who have limited ability to access print and print materials.

The aim is to heighten awareness among print challenged Veterans and their families throughout the state of Georgia about the research initiatives and clinical services and programs available at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. The long term goal of the program is to connect Veterans with meaningful research studies and/or needed, helpful clinical services that they may otherwise not know are available or know how to access. Each interview features either a researcher or clinician (some are clinician scientists that may speak to both) and ends with how Veterans can get more information, participate, who they can contact, and how they can engage.  
The VI@GARRS program schedule is coordinated by Dr. Katharina Echt of the CVNR.

GaRRS Interview Archive

April 2016 – Mike Muchow, MS: Low Vision Clinic - O&M (7.7 MB)

January 2016 – Anne Tomolo, MD, MPH: Chief, Quality Medicine, VA Quality Scholars (10.2 MB)

October 2015 – Ian Campbell, PhD: New Possibilities in Glaucoma Treatment (9.7 MB)

September 2015 – Machelle Pardue, PhD: Exercise and Preserving Vision (13.9 MB)

August 2015 – Sharon Polensek, MD, PhD: Geriatrics and Extended Care Services at the Atlanta VA (2.8 MB)

July 2015 – Lynn Bunch O’Neill, MD: Palliative Care: What is it and how soon can I get it? (1.6 MB)

June 2015 – Jatun Neal, RD: MOVE! Program (1.4 MB)

May 2015 – David Rimland, MD: HIV Disease at the VA (3.6 MB)

April 2015 - Krish Sathian, MD, PhD: CVNR Collaborations (1.2 MB)

February 2015 - Madeleine Hackney, PhD: Optimizing Motor Training in Parkinson's Disease through Neural Mechanisms (3.2 MB)

September 2014 - E. Camille Vaughan, MD, MS & Melissa Stevens, MD: Enhancing Quality of Prescribing Practices for Elderly Veterans Discharged from the Emergency Department (EQUiPPED) (3.7 MB)

August 2014 - Steven Wolf, Phd, PT, FAPTA: Improving Your Brain Following a Stroke (2.9 MB)

July 2014 -Amy Potts, PhD & Kelly Skelton, MD: The Trauma Recovery Program and PTSD Treatment at the Atlanta VAMC (4.2 MB)

June 2014 - Shan Ping Yu, MD, PhD: Pharmacological Hypothermia for Stroke (3.4 MB)

March 2014 - Keith Tansey, MD, PhD: Restorative Neurology in Spinal Cord Injury (3.7 MB)

February 2014 - Paul Garcia, PhD: Anesthesia and Sleep (3.7 MB)

January 2014 - Suephy Chen, MD, MS: Tele-Dermatology at the Atlanta VA (2.8 MB)

December 2013 - Steve Urken, MD: Eye Care Services at the Atlanta VA (3.9 MB)

November 2013 - Jeff Boatright, PhD: Protecting the Aging Retina in Health and Disease (3.6 MB)

October 2013 - Krish Sathian, MD, PhD: Atlanta VA Center of Excellence for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (CVNR) (2.0 MB)