Dr. A.M. Barrett is a clinician-scientist, with special expertise in both cognitive neurology and neurorehabilitation. Before taking her current role as CVNR Executive Director, she was the Director of Stroke Rehabilitation Research at the Kessler Foundation, and before that, was at Penn State College of Medicine.  She brings together training in cognitive neurology and neuropsychology (the University of Florida, postdoctoral fellowship), Neurology (Columbia/The Neurologic Institute, residency) medicine (NYU School of Medicine, MD), and Brain Injury Medicine (ABPN certification). She completed an AB at Harvard/Radcliffe in Psychology and Social Relations and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, the American Neurological Association, and the American Society of Neurorehabilitation

Research Interests:

Her research interests are in brain-behavior relationships relevant to spatial cognition and rehabilitation of spatial neglect; person-centered care and outcomes relevant to function and life participation; identification and management of hidden disabilities and mechanisms of deficit unawareness

Publications: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/a..barrett.1/bibliography/public/

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Executive Director, Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation, Atlanta VA Health System

Neurorehabilitation Division Program Director, Emory Brain Health (Neurology/Rehabilitation)