CVNR Press Releases

10/02/2014: New Technology: HandSight – Helping Blinded Veterans “Read” What They Touch (186.6 KB)

09/17/2014: New Technology: Fast-Darkening Glasses For Veterans With Light-Adaptation Problems (59.0 KB)

09/11/2014: VA research shows improved cognitive function with aerobic exercise in previously sedentary older adults (16.4 KB)

06/30/2014: VA researcher offering free “Adapted Tango” classes to Veterans and Non-Veterans with Parkinson’s Disease (17.3 KB)

06/04/2014: New VA research is underway to help prevent falls for older Veterans with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s (20.4 KB)

03/28/2014: VA Research Showing Exercise Helps Protect Eyes From Disease Is Gaining National & International Media Attention (153.3 KB)

03/24/2014: A 21st Century Caregiver Education Program funded for Atlanta Veterans suffering from dementia (15.2 KB)

03/21/2014: VA Researchers help Veterans with language disorders caused by stroke (20.0 KB)

02/21/2014: VA Researchers team up with Emory to provide seniors with enriching educational opportunities (155.8 KB)

02/10/2014: Connecting the Dots: VA researchers find yet another benefit to exercise - slowing the progression of macular degeneration (113.8 KB)

01/27/2014: Early detection and damage control for type 1 diabetes related vision loss is on the horizon thanks to VA researchers (112.5 KB)

01/23/2014: Aerobic exercise shown to have protective qualities against aging for Veterans (112.1 KB)

01/21/2014: Atlanta VA Medical Center Investigator awarded two grants totaling $1.3 million to help improve memory for older Veterans (112.8 KB)